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We are Becca and Rusty Reed. We started in Television more than 30 years ago and founded Small Planet News, Inc. in 2000 as a syndicated news company.  Today we Specialize in video and visual marketing via social media. We’ve had many interesting adventures in TV but these days we really enjoy using our experience to help small businesses tell their stories…and make a big impact.


Becca King ReedBecca King Reed, Co-Founder

Becca King Reed has an award-winning background as an executive producer of  television magazine shows, news programs and documentaries. From 2008 through March of 2014 she supervised the day-to-day operations of public television station, KQED Silicon Valley (formerly KTEH). She also led the editorial team in developing and producing content.

Career production highlights include the creation of Emmy award winning biography series, This is Us  (KQED+) and oversight of one of public television’s more successful kids programs, It’s a Big, Big World. King Reed was a producer of this multi-million dollar, high definition program, which at the time was on the cutting edge for live-action 3D animation, and was supported by a production staff and crew of more than sixty.

Her previous experience in producing and managing a national children’s program was The Dooley and Pals Show, a series syndicated on more than 100 commercial broadcast stations as well as on PBS from 2000-2003. King Reed also has extensive experience producing for cable networks, including The Health Network by FOX, where she produced a network launch event for television and the internet, including the live birth of triplets via satellite.

In addition to a deep content expertise in health programs, King Reed has produced and hosted numerous news and public affairs programs, live events, and cultural and performance programs. She has produced in the field, in studio, on sound stages, via satellite and microwave, and for local and national broadcast or syndication.

Rusty Reed

Rusty Reed is an award winning producer and cameraman. He created and produced the ACE award winning program Sportstline  for 10 years. After a decade of producing his show nearly singlehandedly, he realized what he really loved most was camerawork and travel. He decided to focus on those two things. Since then he has traveled the world as cameraman. Rusty specializes in medical news, sports and music.

Rusty toured the world with Madonna, Sarah McLachlan and New Kids on the Block. He has traveled with the Stanford University football team for more than 25 years as their sideline cameraman and covered 1000s of medical news stories in the U.S. and Europe.





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