Building Buzz For Business with Photos

instagram app on iPhoneNeed some ideas to create some buzz about your business? Check out this blog for a list of things you can do to get people talking about what you are doing using Instagram, the wildly popular, free, photo sharing app for iPhone that makes photos searchable via hashtags.

As the blog suggests, first things first; you need to set up your Instagram account, then announce it to your followers from other social media outlets. Tell a story with your photos and share them via Twitter and / or a blog. Interact with your followers by asking for and responding to feedback, and don’t forget to use all of your social media forums to share your photos and reach more people. To see an example, search “#100BostonSigns” on twitter.

Another good idea, from Steve Kovach Instagram is to host a photo contest on a particular theme and encourage followers to share their photos using a specific hashtag. Participation is key to gaining momentum. Instagram’s hashtag feature makes it possible to create an RSS feed for sharing your photos with those who aren’t on iPhones.
Photos are one of the most favored types of content on the internet and a great way to use social media to build buzz around your business.

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  1. susana arias says:

    Wow, and yet another exciting way to show your work. Gotta love it!

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