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How to Profit From Facebook’s Newest Changes

Facebook’s new changes may mean marketers will have to up the ante. There is going to be “more pressure on advertisers to come up with compelling content. Users will have more say in what pops up in their news feed. When a story comes up on your page you will be able to “unmark” it if you are not interested, explains Wasserman, allowing Facebook to edit future feeds. For marketers, this means grabbing the attention of your fans is extremely important.

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Google Plus: How to Get Past the Velvet Rope

Like Studio 54 in the 80′s, Google Plus is at capacity and you can’t get in without an invitation.
Passes beyond the virtual velvet rope are so hot, they are being auctioned on Ebay.
Enter the black hats. Tricksters, playing on people’s curiosity and their desire to get the ungettable,
are offering non-existent invitations in exchange for email addresses and “Likes” on Facebook.
If you fall for these, you could be a victim of SPAMers at best or identity theft at worst
so beware strangers offering invitations.

Daniel Ionescu of PCWorld has put together a great article on legitimate ways you wrangle an invitation to Google’s elite party.

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