Clever Artist Uses Video to Drive Traffic to Her Online Store

Jenni is leveraging the hottest promotional trend online – visual marketing. Video accounts for 50% of the traffic on the internet. Its well worth the effort for you to create videos because 80% of your website visitors will watch a video, while only 20 percent will actually read your posts in their entirety. 75% of viewers will visit a business’s website after watching its video. So using video to drive people to your website is a smart move but don’t stop there. Build a store into your page and put videos on your store pages. (How to videos are some of the most viewed.) Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video.

5 Top Reasons You Should Include Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Video accounts for 50% of the traffic on the internet! People love to consume information and inspiration via video. If you are a service business, video is an incredible, cost effective tool that can help you build trust and credibility in your market. If you sell products, it can effectively boost your sales. Here are [...]

Pinterest Makes a Bid For Broader Audience

Pinterest looks to be positioning itself as an entertainment portal. Today Vemo music videos become available there. Users will be able to watch them inside of Pinterest. (You can currently watch YouTube and Vimeo inside Pinterest as well.)

Some say, the addition of music videos could pave the way for live concerts. Entertainment offerings within Pinterest could shift the demographics. At the moment 80% of Pinterest users are women. If men begin to hangout there, a whole new world of marketers may also find a home for their content.

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How to Put a “Like Box” on Your WP Blog

A “Like box” on your blog is a good way to introduce your facebook Fan page to a different audience. It’s also a good way to get “likes” for that page. Some say likes are the number one objective of a Fan page. Here’s a quick, 3 minute, how-to video.

Social Media Promotions

How to Get Your Video to “Go Viral”

With Valentines Day right around the corner, you have a prime opportunity to create a video campaign that will go viral in a heartbeat, according to Chris Schreiber of Sharethrough, a social video advertising company. Schreiber says when millions of people are sharing the same positive experience, like the traditions or customs that surround a [...]


How to Delete a Tweet

Have you ever sent a tweet you wished you hadn’t? Maybe there was a typo, a malaprop or something else you’d rather the world not see. We’ll, with the click of your mouse you can easily delete your tweet. Here’s how:


New Shortcut to facebook

Here’s a quick tip that will speed you on your way to facebook with much less of that pesky typing!


How to Retweet on the New Twitter

The new Twitter looks great and has some nice features. But its clean look can mystify newbies. The links like “Favorite,” “Retweet’ AND “Reply” are hidden until you mouse over them and sometimes they still don’t appear until you highlight the tweet.

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HOW TO: Use Advanced Twitter Search To Find A Job [VIDEO]

What happens in Vegas, isn’t staying in Vegas this week. Fresh from the Consumer Electronics Trade Show in Nevada, Mashable reveals a slew of new Social Media tools- and new uses for old ones – that they found at the show. Here’s a very useful video on how to tweet for work.


Eeeny-Beany, Chili-Beany, the Geeks Are About to Speak!

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, it’s only natural for social media fans to wonder what the future holds. Will Bebo fade away? And what about Myspace? Will Facebook go public? Is mobile the next big social trend?


Social Media Boosts Holiday Sales

Small businesses are using social media to boost holiday sales. Take a look at this article from and see if these tactics could work for you.

“Most small businesses had to change their marketing strategies to increase their holiday sales and social network marketing is their main option. Therefore, most small businesses have chosen social networks for their holiday promotions.


The Social Media Revolution

Eric Qualman put it best, “What happens in Vegas stays….on YouTube.”
Welcome to the people driven economy where word of mouth is king.

Traditional television campaigns no longer get through. In fact, only 18% of them even generate a positive return. Buyers (78%) are more likely choose a product based on a peer review or a recommendation from a Facebook or Twitter friend.

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