The Social Media Revolution

Eric Qualman put it best, “What happens in Vegas stays….on YouTube.”
Welcome to the people driven economy where word of mouth is king.

Traditional television campaigns no longer get through. In fact, only 18% of them even generate a positive return. Buyers (78%) are more likely choose a product based on a peer review or a recommendation from a Facebook or Twitter friend.

Nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media when they are looking to shop, dine or travel. If you think only young people use these technologies, a great opportunity is passing you by. Nearly all of the buying public now uses social media networks and search engines like Google – often right from their phones.

Marketing has changed from a one-way broadcast to a big conversation. Consumers can easily share their retail experiences with thousands of friends in an instant. A great review can move through the social-sphere like a comet – and so can a bad one. What’s the buzz around your brand?

Companies that are successful with social media are using these free tools to win friends and influence customers. They are building communities around their organizations that provide valuable feedback and are surprisingly loyal.

You don’t need to have a blackberry fused to your hand to take advantage of these tools anymore than you have to know how to build a car to drive one. You need a knowledgeable expert who can plan and execute online and mobile marketing strategies with zero extra effort on your part. Review our pages and contact us for no obligation consultation.

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