Spinning Circles

Google+ Circles is the new “friends” list that lets you separate people into groups, so you can choose who sees what when you are posting. This is a unique tool for marketing yourself because you can use specifically targeted posts to maximize interest in what you are doing, depending on the interests of your ‘Circles.’


How to Profit From Facebook’s Newest Changes

Facebook’s new changes may mean marketers will have to up the ante. There is going to be “more pressure on advertisers to come up with compelling content. Users will have more say in what pops up in their news feed. When a story comes up on your page you will be able to “unmark” it if you are not interested, explains Wasserman, allowing Facebook to edit future feeds. For marketers, this means grabbing the attention of your fans is extremely important.


How to Attract Loyal Fans to Your Facebook Page

People generally don’t communicate with a business as a whole, they communicate with a person. Putting a “human touch” to your Profile page can make a valuable difference in engaging fans. Porterfield suggests that you “communicate with your fans as though you were talking to your friends,” and to use “entertaining posts and photos” to appear more person


LinkedIn Tour For New Users

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. You can network with peers, make new friends and find new business opportunities on LinkedIn. This video shows where to find the LinkedIn’s most valuable features for making connections and networking.


Ads on Twitter

Tweeps who follow a brand on Twitter, began to notice, “promoted tweets” from that brand in their Twitter Feed this Summer. Around the end of September, everyone will see advertisements in their twitter stream, according to CEO Dick Costolo. Good news for advertisers who will now be able to place ads in front of Twitter users who are similar to their current followers.


Facebook News Feed – How to See All Your Friends

It’s not hard to find complaints about facebook’s new News Feed algorithm. In its effort to deliver the most interesting content to us, facebook filters out updates from lots of people we really want to hear from. The value of friendship can’t be calculated mathematically but facebook keeps trying…But you can change the settings on your news feed to show updates from all of your friends. The video above will show you how.


How to Delete a Tweet

Have you ever sent a tweet you wished you hadn’t? Maybe there was a typo, a malaprop or something else you’d rather the world not see. We’ll, with the click of your mouse you can easily delete your tweet. Here’s how:


How to Retweet on the New Twitter

The new Twitter looks great and has some nice features. But its clean look can mystify newbies. The links like “Favorite,” “Retweet’ AND “Reply” are hidden until you mouse over them and sometimes they still don’t appear until you highlight the tweet.

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